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The Security methods to choose the escort agency you want in new york city.

I'm here to share "The Security methods to choose the escort agency you want in new york city". you may see some similar article before,like "The safety tip for choosing escort agency" or "how to choose the best escort agency in new york" or "Which one escort agency is best ?" and etc.

You may ask "what's the different between you and them?"

The Answer is "I am Absolutely different".

They write the article like their websites are the best and their escort agency is the best.even they give you a lot of facts to prove their escort agency is the best.right?something like they get more comments in their websites(Citysearch ,Yelp ,yellow page).

The Comments are fake!?

I don't said that,but it's very easy to write a comment on Citysearch ,Yelp ,yellow page. if you have time, you can even build more than thousands Comment on it.but we don't do it. because they gonna ban you and more fake.so it's better write comments twice a week.

You can said "I'm the wrong". it's OK,because i don't care.i come to here to said the truth not for your approval.

If we don't check the comment,is there anything we can do for choosing the good escort agency in new york?

Of course there have something we can do. even more than 90% people not gonna leave a comment on it.but some of them still gonna leave the comment and we can check the bad comment and to see the real is. Like we wanna buy something in Amazon,for example Laptop,we need to check bad comment first.because there's the thing we want,so we can make sure we can handle that problem or not if the bad thing like comment happen.

Ignore some Extremely exaggerated comment,like "the escort girl are smoking hot and they come early." short but it means something,if this escort girl is smoking hot,you may not make a interview with her when you call her in the first time,because there should be a lot of appointment for her.so it's impossible to be like "they come early". this comment short and it seems like too abstract,it feel likes you don't like to go out with her,you can write the comment for her.

So what's the Comment we can believe?   it seems like "the escort girl is different as photos,but it's OK,she looks OK but her body is perfect for me and i like her wearing the Nursing Clothing ". If you see this and you know you can see the smoking hot escort girl like the pictures.but there still have something you may like.  Actually these only a little customer looking for escort service here like to write a comment,let alone bad comment or said the comment like 100 words or more. only escort girl want their customer to do that,if customer obey the girl's asking,it means this escort girl do the good job,right?!

Now,i do believe you can distinguish the "fake comment" or "real comment".

Alright,so if I'm looking for the escort service or Asian escort service in new york,what am i gonna do?

It depends how much you wanna pay?

If i just have 140 dollars like,i go to the backpage to check the girl,there are so many independent escort girl,but a lot of them looks not good(that's my feeling,maybe you like it). much cheaper,not escort agency's fee,but sometimes Asian escort agency do post some AD on the backpage also.

If i got 300 dollars like, i will search "new york asian escort" ,"escort service", "Japanese escort" something like this in Google or search it in some escort directory. check the websites on Google result until i get the one i feel like not bad.then i will call for them,remember record this website and phone number and  orator's voice(why?one escort agency have more than 5 phone number,so sometimes you make 5 calls and still hear the same voice. ) if you see the escort girl is not what you want,call the escort agency for "exchange" or "return"<you need to paid for the driver>.

What if i don't care about the money?the only you want is quality?The escort agency from the local,their escort girl's price are so high,you can try,it's like $1600 or more,the information from their website,Some of their escort girls are model.same like before.

Good?record the phone number and website,you can call them again or you can try another one(we like new style,especially in this service.)

Bad?still record the phone number and website,and also remember the orator's voice,to make sure you won't call this escort agency again.and try another one.

But if you're from another state,that's totally different,you may come to here for couple days then you go.you don't have time to spend long time to choose a  good escort agency. there's the one way, you should told them "if the girl is not good,don't drive her to my place,i won't paid for the driving."

For example,you see the photos in website like below:

smoking hot escort girl


I don't want a feeling of being cheated come to your mind sometimes.Believe it or not,I'm not a escort agency,but i know a lot of information about escort agency,so i write it here.

Commemorate that write new york asian escort article for one week

new york asian escort article

Commemorate that write new york asian escort article for one week

I can't believe that i have been writing article for one week,I'm not a patient guy.but there's one thing i have to said "if you keep doing one thing like 2 weeks,you will keep doing this anyway". If i keep writing this article  for one more week,i think i gonna write those article very easily.

I'm not a profession writer,i don't like to write article,especially every article have to around 3 keywords,even i can Mentioned those keywords to the article that don't have any connection to this.

By the way,the keywords  i have to use them in every article.

Until now, i feel it's not easy to get good google rank in new york asian escort website.

I have tried different style in making website in this. but none of them work good.

So, i try to write blog in this, i hope this can get good google rank.

If you’re a lazy seoer,you’d better get 2 jobs except seoer

new york asian escorts seo

I think a lot of people choose to be a new york asian escort seoer.because they know they’re lazy. they can work hard but they will find the time(it depends people,some of them use a lot of time to relax.). to relax.

Me,I’m a lazy guy,I’m bored with working in the restaurant.so i use my relaxing time to learn how to design website.i worked for 12 hours  everyday.i wanna change my work.so I used my every relax time to find how to learn this.i spend 2 month to find the website can help me learning design website by my own really.i was using 3 month learning this and my virgin website born.

Then, i try make many people know my website.i wanna earn money from this website.So,i found there’s one good method “seo”,i used to learn something by my own.but this time i using money to learn this.I’m not sure if this worth in first.I’m not learning too much.but i got some friends.and i learn something from then.but it works not that good in Google .because  they’re doing for BaiDu.

So,i used long time to do seo with google.but a lot of method i learn is come from competitors.I’m not a  newbie for seo now.but I’m not a work-hard man either.so i decide to work in restaurant for couple months.i believed i will work hard again.

How newbie seoer work for new york escort website?

newbie escort

How newbie seoer work for new york escort website?

I was a newbie seoer.so i know what are those newbie seoer work for new york escort website.

First of all,they search these keywords,like new york escort to find those website that top 10 in google.then search those website in Google to find out what's those website doing.check for every link and try add the same link as them.but this usually don't work that good.but it works little and help website get some out-links.and month past,customer come to complaint why their website don't even get top 100.these some points:out-links are very important,but it's not all.you can't put all the links as them,and you can't find all of his website's out-links.

Then,newbie seoer will try buy some out-links from some websites.it's like 1000 links for ten dollars,it works sometimes.but lately your website will get punished.some of newbie seoer quit from their job.but  some of them try write own blogs for those website,and they get the not bad score.but not of them.so they improve the price for seo.

By the way,newbie seoer always charge you little money and promise they can improve your website to top 10 in short time.